SAM GREEN is a SOUTHERN MUSICIAN and singer who continually works hard at his craft. He has been married for 41 years to his lovely wife WANDA and together they have raised five children. SAM has several albums to his credit and continues to entertain the masses and appeared nightly on a podcast featuring Music By SAM GREEN.

SAM'S early career saw the release of his first album, I FEEL GOOD in 1986. It would soon be followed in 1987 with JESUS IS THE BEST THING IN MY LIFE and in 1988 with RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME. 1992 saw SWEET N' SEXY and GOD BLESSED OUR LOVE was rockin' hard in 1996. His latest was SAMS GREATEST HITS in 2020. He was doing shows at Prince Hall in LA, House of Blues in Hollywood, the BB King Club at Universal Studios, Hollywood,CA and Hollywood Park Casino in Ingelwood, CA. Performing great Southern Music Shows from Granada, Mississippi to California.

Like many of our great talented entertainers, SAM GREEN came from humble beginnings Born a native of Granada County Gore Springs Mississippi, across the street from his grandmother's home in the country, SAM would be the 7th of 10 children born to his parents. Shortly after SAM's birth, his father moved the family to St.Louis in hopes of a better job in a factory and a better life for his family. SAM's father was happy to have a job there but the call of the south and familiar surroundings was strong and the family returned to Mississippi to where they began and as SAM grew he also contributed to work on the farm.

SAM started singing in the church choir at the age of 10. His Father, also a Minister, nurtured his son's gift by having him sing on a weekly radio broadcast on Sundays and the audiences loved him. At the age of 12 he added to his talents as he began discovering and learning to play the Bass Guitar at which he would excel. He found an innate form of self expression through the Bass Guitar and at 14 SAM and his brothers JOHN and LYNVER GREEN formed a trio that would play in church on Sundays. Together the trio would enjoy playing around the country spreading God's Word through music.

On a Sunday in August 1972 BUBBA THOMPSON  asked SAM to attend a rehersal with him. SAM's Father gave his permisiion for SAM to go with BUBBA. After the group heard SAM play, there was no doubt that SAM was their man, and even though young in years, he was hired. Two days later on August 21, 1972, SAM GREEN turned all of 16 years old.The euphoria of the moment of being hired at 15 by a well known local group of established performers would be over shadowed by events to follow only a few days later.

On August 23, 1972 his brother LYNVER would be killed when the motorcycle he was riding was hit by a car whose driver and passengers were impaired by both alcohol and drugs. LYNVER's senseless death took a great toll emotionally and physically on SAM and his family. They would lose their mother in 1974 and even though she tried to be strong for her family, the grief was more then she could bear. Those times were difficult and even trying to stay focused in school was all but impossible when all the tragedy constantly would consume you.

It could have destroyed SAM GREEN but instead he gained strength and the desire to reach his dreams and he began to strengthen mind and spirit and developed work ethics and goals that supported his family and his dreams and gave him the humility and drive that makes him who he is to this very day. Thankful for what God placed before him. Thankful for what God helped him become.

SAM played Bass with the Spirit of Granda until 1975. He then would form a group with good friend SAMMIE RAY HONEY and their group THE DEVIL'S FUNK  toured the south for the next 2 years. He would move on to THE SILVER TONES and then he met ARTESIA JUBILEES.For the first time on this journey,SAM felt outclassed musically. Instead of feeling defeated he asked if he could join them. At first they thought he was joking but then they brought him aboard and he showed them how serious and dedicated he truly was. His association with ARTESIA JUBILEES landed him in Hollywood , California in 1979.

Throughout this time he worked multiple part-time jobs so he could persue his music while also training as a boxer, something else he felt he could excel in. SAM created and adhered to a strenuous work ethic that would require intense training and conditioning of both body and mind. He boxed from 1979 - 1989 without injury which was impressive, but that work ethic continued through his life.

In the 80's Clarence Devereaux with THE MELODY KINGS heard about him and asked SAM to accompany them, then the LA GOSPEL JEWELS reached out to SAM for his musical acumen. He joined them and then two years later formed yet another group LIFELINE, playing venues  from the TEGRA LOUNGE CLUB to THE PIONEER CLUB following behind Blues Singer SMOKEY WILSON. Still moving forward he would work part and full time jobs such as school bus driver and LAX AIRPORT limo-bus driver allowing him to provide for his family, keep in physical shape and persue his music. In 1986 he was recording on his own label and released several albums. In 1988 he was joined by Junior Denton as financial backer. Though Denton passed away in 1988 his name remains as part of the label; D & G RECORDS. Cilia Dumas would enter the picture as a financial backer and GOD BLESS OUR LOVE was recorded at LEON HAYWOODS STUDIO.

One of the original FUNK BROTHERS, EDDIE WILLIS, introduced SAM to MARVIN MARSHALL, who was one of the TEMPTATIONS guitar players. who still performs with SAM. MARVIN also introduced him to background singers who performed on the album and who also still perform with him. MARVIN facilitated SAM's completion of RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME at WILLIE HUTCH and PARAMOUNT STUDIOS.  All of the original members of SAM GREEN and the ALL STAR ORCHESTRA still perform together today.

SAM still records for his own label now from his own studio. He continues to perform at venues from coast to coast.



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