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 LINDA SANDERS'  began her training in life of her beautiful voice and talent, like so many   other  great artists, in   church immersed in music, praise and worship. Even at a young age it   would lead her to singing   with a large chior in 1972,  that was broadcast regularly on air ,   then  resulted in her being   requested in high demand to sing with different groups as time    went on. The journey within   the  music was now in play and would continue to be shaped   through her life. 

 As with many of us, our lives, our hearts, our beliefs are shaped by the trials in our lives.   Through joys and sorrows we choose and grow in how we will move forward.

 LINDA SANDERS has dealt with many losses in her life but none as painful as to losing her son   to gun violence as he was trying to protect someone else' daughters from harm. Her   heartbreak  and pain was greater than anything she had known.

 She looked back on the those times and how God, Jesus, saw her through, Always by her side.   She was never alone. 

 In February 2019 LINDA SANDERS had the blessed opportunity to record her first Gospel   Single. "HE'S BEEN GOOD". when you listen to her beautiful voice and range, you realize even   more ,you can feel the Holy Spirit and Emotion she delivers with every note.

 As she travels and performs, regardless the crowd or venue, her satisfaction is sharing with   others , through her music, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message "To know Him is to   Trust him".

 Most recently LINDA SANDERS was just nominate for her song, "GREAT THINGS" for the   PRAYZE FACTOR AWARDS. 

 Moving forward in sharing her music LINDA SANDERS has teamed with TERRY SCOTT and   SCOTT  ENTERPRISES AND MEDIA who can be contacted for more information and bookings   at:           (757) 613-0597 


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